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Fairy Tale II
< Why are you carrying that toolbox?
> It's the fizgog! It's picking up cable again!
< Uh right. So is it safe to use the fairy rings then?
> Sure, as long as you have been given permission to use them. You should just be aware that using the fairy rings sometimes has strange results - the locations you have been to may effect the locations you are to reach. I could fix it by replacing the fizgog and the whosprangit; I've put in a request for some new parts, but they're pretty hard to get a hold of it seems.

Note: Fairy rings work by dialing in addresses that are typically three characters long and each character can be one of four different characters. Oddly like a DNA or RNA codon, isn't it? However, with the fizgog picking up cable and the whosprangit acting up, single codon addresses aren't all that is possible. Fairy Fixit is possibly covering for the fact that multiple codon addresses have been made possible. A four codon long address was in fact used as the address to the Fairy Resistance HQ fairy ring.

Fairy Tale III

< What do you know about K'Chunk?
> Oh, some orks came along and stuffed this ork into the fairy ring system. I thought they were going to destroy the whole thing but I managed to compensate the RLS to DOIs, so he should be okay.
< Once again in English?
> Oh, sorry! I managed to compensate the Ring Location System so that this ork landed in a general area. DOIs are Distant Outlying Islands.
< So you know where he went to then?
> Yes, of course! The coord marker was 'D', 'I', 'P'.
< Excellent, many thanks.

Note: The individual characters in the Fairy Ring address codon, unlike DNA and RNA codons, do not come from the same pool of four characters. The first position of the codon can be an A, B, C, or D; the second position of the codon can be an I, J, K, or L; and the third position of the codon can be a P, Q, R, or S. However, these letters are quite arbitrary and might as well be G, A, C, and T or G, A, C, and U. The characters are probably pulled from different pools for memorization and error detection purposes, though.


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